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Aspire Clarksville is a 501(c)(3), Charitable Foundation whose mission is to continuously improve the economy and the livability (quality of life) of the community by attracting significant capital investment and expansion by businesses and corporations, thereby creating better opportunities and higher paying jobs for our residents…which will lead to long-term prosperity for Clarksville-Montgomery County.  The Aspire Clarksville Foundation serves all investors as a collaborative mechanism that pulls together the collective leadership of the private and public sectors in order to stimulate strategic economic growth. Core functions of this innovative partnership include: 


  • Facilitate the rapid, well-coordinated and most effective response to existing and prospective business needs;
  • Coordinate the creation and retention of primary and secondary jobs in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area thereby generating new earnings and capital investment;
  • Develop and promote a unified, compelling image of Clarksville-Montgomery County to targeted industry clusters;
  • Strengthen and maximize the relationships of Clarksville and Montgomery County with its implementing partners in regional and state economic and community development organizations, and public works and planning agencies;
  • Oversee execution of a five-year program of work in cooperation with pro-business implementing partners;
  • Maintain a high degree of accountability to all program investors and other relevant stakeholders by benchmarking performance and communicating measurable, meaningful results.


Clarksville-Montgomery County has changed drastically since the Aspire Clarksville program was created in 1997. Improvements include:

  • We are the second fastest growing MSA and the fifth fastest growing city in the nation. (U.S. Census 2013) 

  • Both the city and county's populations have grown more than 19.5% in the last decade. 

  • New and existing companies have invested more than $5 billion, adding 7,602 direct jobs

  • Tourism spending in 2018 topped $224 million

  • Annual Retail Sales have grown to $2.9 billion annually. 

  • Residential building continues to expand:
    • During the nationwide housing crisis of 2008, Clarksville-Montgomery County continued to post housing appreciation.

    Aspire has been a strong catalyst for change in the local economy. For Clarksville-Montgomery County to remain competitive with other communities in our state, region and across the country, we will need the resources to effectively execute the Strategic Economic Development Blueprint incorporated in the new five-year plan.  The time is now to continue the momentum with a clear mission to Connect



Friday, January 31, 2020

The Clarksville Montgomery County Economic Development Council (EDC) announced today, Nashville based, Hodgson Douglas, LLC - Planning, Landscape Architectural, and Urban Design services firm (HDLA) has submitted a proposal to provide a planned Streetscape project located in the Vulcan corridor.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Aspire VI dollars are key to the future of our local business development, which is anticipated to bring over 4,500 new jobs, $3 billion in new capital investment and, in turn, a 20% increase in the median household income to the area over the next five years.

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