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Posted by: Cal Wray on Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Please click the link below for a “Geography of Jobs” (developed by TIP Strategies).  This model shows a visualization of job gains and losses over the last 15+ years for every metro area in the U.S..  The number of job gains (blue) and job losses (red) are illustrated by the size and color of each metro’s “bubble”.


By clicking the “play” button, you will see the comparisons unfold dramatically.  This visual reveals the domino effect that regional events and national economic factors play in job growth.  For example, you can see Hurricane Katrina’s effect in the Southeast, the decline of Detroit, and the Recession years of ’08-early’10.  Now you are beginning to see the growth of our economy in the most recent numbers.


Regarding our metro specifically, you will see that we have been very consistent with our growth.  We haven’t had huge spikes in growth but also not huge losses.  Please take a critical look at your convenience.  If you scroll over each bubble it tells you by month the gain and drop for a particular Metro Area.  As you will see, our community has done an excellent job over the last 15 years and I believe that the EDC, its member entities, and Aspire investors like you played a crucial role in this.


However, we still have much more to do to continue our growth and endeavors.


Please enjoy and as always your feedback is appreciated.




Friday, January 11, 2019

The Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tenn. Economic Development Council (EDC) Executive Committee is pleased to announce they have received commitment from Jeff M. Truitt, 46, of Clarksville, to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

With the recent news that the State of Tennessee now ranks number five in the nation for median household income growth, it is time to take notice and pay attention to how Clarksville-Montgomery County stacks up.

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