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Current Campaign

The Aspire VI: Connect

The campaign, has to date raised $4.4 million in five-year pledges and limited in-kind services from 80 investors, with the expectation to surpass $4.5 million by the end of 2019.


Funding allocated by the Aspire Clarksville Foundation helps to provide the means to actively pursue recruitment opportunities and market the viable assets that Clarksville-Montgomery County has to offer. The Foundation will help to accomplish the goals in each of our sectors:


Global Business Development

In its Global Business Development charge, the Aspire Foundation funds activities to support the aggressive recruitment of targeted industry and the expansion of the existing industry.

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Tourism Development

The Aspire Foundation supports tourism development initiatives for Clarksville-Montgomery County with the objective of raising awareness for the area as a tourist destination to increase the number of overnight stays and dollars spent by non-residents.

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Community Development

In its Community Development initiatives, the Aspire Foundation funds activities to support the development of retail recruitment, community resources and workforce programs.

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Marketing & Communications

The Aspire Foundation supports Marketing & Communications efforts that promote the business environment, quality of life, and growth strategies for Clarksville-Montgomery County.

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Funds invested in Aspire will be used to underwrite the operations, programs, and services required to implement the recommendations of the Strategic Economic Development Blueprint, to be executed from 2019-2024. 


Most investors are located in Montgomery County and include businesses and organizations that will benefit from Aspire’s efforts. Private sources underwrite the majority of the campaign total.

Aspire works to steadily increase growth in all areas of the Partnership:



For more information, download the Aspire VI informational brochure. 

Review the 2014-18 Economic Impact Analysis Return on Investment.